Mioaceto „Sigillo Oro“ medaglia Platinum WineHunter Awards


The Balsamic aged over 25 years, obtained the Platinum medal.

It took place the 28th edition of Merano Wine Festival in Merano (Bolzano, Italy), the exhibition is nowadays a reference point for Food & Wine sector. Probably, the force of this exhibition is the restriction of the exhibitors: not everyone can partecipate to this festival, but each company is evaluated in order to be approved.
Simultaneously to the Festival, as always, it toke place the WineHunter Award, that certifies the high quality of wine and food products.
The Award is divided in 3 categories: Red (min. 88/100), Gold (min. 90 su 100), Platinum (min. 95 su 100).
Mioaceto Sigillo Oro, aged over 25 years, won the Platinum Award!

A great satisfation for Acetaia Sereni, with an excellent product of the line“Mioaceto”, produced with Traditional method of „Refilling“ in the prestigious wooden barrels.
Its flavour is intense and persistent, with a unique fullness obtained by the slow fermentation and acetification of cooked grape must.

Mioaceto Sigillo Oro Balsamico