Luxury Food & Beverage Magazine: Mioaceto Sigillo Oro

The italian magazine „Luxury Food & Beverage Magazine“ quotes our Mioaceto Sigillo Oro in their vinegar selection.

Below the article published:

Mioaceto Oro Modena

Precious balsamic obtained from Trebbiano Modenese grape must, transformed, fermented and aged in batteries of different woods and capacities, according to ancient family customs and the traditional hilling technique. The years of maturation have allowed the product to concentrate and concentrate in itself the aromas and the typical and intense aromas.

Mioaceto Oro” is aged over 25 years in oak, chestnut, juniper, cherry, ash and mulberry barrels. The long aging made it dense and creamy, dark brown in color, with a persistent, complex and inebriating taste. The aromas are intense and characteristic, with complex woody notes.
A real explosion of flavors and aromas, the result of a natural process that lasted decades.

Suitable on grilled meats (including Dry-aged) or boiled, on carpaccio and tartare, on aged cheeses, on risottos, on foie gras, on stuffed pasta, but also on strawberries or ice cream.
The product was awarded a platinum medal at “The WineHunter Awards” in 2019. It was therefore selected among the 30 top Italian Food, Spirits and Beer.

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