NOVELTY 2019: Agrodolce White Mediterraneo

We are pleased to present a great novelty among the products of Acetaia Sereni:

Sweet and Sour condiment with infusion of Mint and Rosemary

A unique condiment in its kind, which has its roots in the classic and historical Agrodolce Bianco, but thanks to the infusion of two different aromatic herbs in vinegar, it is enriched by fresh and spicy scents, which we like to call “Mediterranei”.

On the palate it will result an explosion of flavors and perfumes, enhanced by the good acidity, which creates great freshness, a slight herbaceous and sweetness on the finish.

Perfect of fish, but also suitable for salads, vegetables, marinades, roast meat.

The infusion is made with mint and rosemay’s leaves, both grown in our garden, untreated and completely natural.
In the ingredients of this product, there are neither artificial nor natural aroma added.

Available in the two different format: 250 ml (8.45 fl.oz) or 500 ml (16.9 fl.oz).

This product completes the line of our Sweet and Sour condiments, with Agrodolce White and Agrodolce Rosè.


Agrodolce Bianco Mediterraneo