A revolutionary product: Acetaia Sereni presents “Serenissimo”

Serenissimo is the first sweet and sour condiment made only of grape must, aged in amphorae

After years of research and experimentation, we can finally present our most innovative product: Serenissimo.

This is the first food condiment refined in terracotta amphorae.

It is a completely natural product, without any addition or influence of flavor from the wood or any other step/element during production.

The low temperature cooking of the must coming only from Lambrusco Grasparossa grapes grown on the hills of Modena, in fact, does not alter the fruity flavor of the must.

Aging in terracotta amphora, which, again, does not affect the product’s taste, allows the Serenissimo to “age on its own flavours”, increasing its intensity and complexity.

The color is also an intense red, since it does not even take on the dark color usually given by cooking over direct heat or by wood.

The acidity due to spontaneous fermentation with indigenous yeasts is low and could recall a sweet red wine, but with the total absence of alcohol, of course.

A completely different flavor from the classic Balsamic Vinegar otherwise produced by Acetaia Sereni.

We pair it with filled pasta, such as Tortelloni, ravioli or tortellini, with tasty meats (white meat or game), with fresh fruit or ice cream.

Tortelloni modena

But above all it can become an interesting and innovative “drink” to be tasted between one course and another, promoting digestion and cleansing the palate from the fats of the courses, or an elixir for meditation or for the end of a meal, perfect as a digestive or as an accompaniment to a good cigar.

Only 1100 examples are available, an exclusive and limited production.

It is bottled in small terracotta amphorae handmade in Italy, each of which is a unique piece, as is the delicate product they contain.

Come and meet it by booking an experience at our Acetaia, where we will accompany you through the entire production process, up to the final tasting.

In fact, the new “Family Secrets” tasting includes, in addition to our classic products, also the tasting of “Serenissimo”.

You can also purchase it in our factory store, or by sending an email to [email protected]