Acetaia Sereni Japan

The story of the Sereni family has also struck some people full of passion in the country of the Rising Sun, who have been able to grasp the value of a united family and a product made in a traditional and artisanal way, of the highest quality level, without shortcuts.

This is how the Japanese representatives of Acetaia Sereni wanted to pay homage to the origins of the Sereni family and the beginnings of their beautiful collaboration with this precious Italian reality.

Click on the link below to watch the video. The Japanese and Italian parts are transcribed below!

Watch the video “Acetaia Sereni Japan

0:08 Umberto Sereni: … with many innovations within the company that can stimulate the curiosity of tourists…

0:19 Pier Luigi Sereni: Mine is always a company with a product made in a traditional, family way.

0:28 It is here that our journey for Aceto Balsamico began.

0:35 Francesco Sereni: …and even those who spend time and want to get to know the Balsamic Vinegar of Modena can do so in the utmost tranquility, silence and peace of these vineyards…

0:47 Patrizia Bortoli: In addition to friendship, he is still a wonderful person, he has grown a lot and really gives a lot to the customers who come here.

0:58 This is the start of all.

1:28 Aceto balsamico is somewhat widespread in Japan, but how many of these Aceto balsamico are made using the traditional Modena process? I want to inform the Japanese people about the producers and their environment because they are very valuable. I want people to visit the area, see, hear and experience it for themselves. I strongly recommend an Agriturismo.

1:54 I also worked in a car dealership and for this reason I wanted to visit Modena one day. I had just planned to go to Geneva, Switzerland, so I went to Maranello (MO) for a day. I stayed at the Planet Hotel in Maranello and the reception introduced us to the Il Cavallino restaurant. On the menu I saw the word “Balsamic Vinegar” and ordered the dish. It was the first time I tasted it and I understood for the first time what Balsamic Vinegar actually was. Then I returned to Japan and looked for Balsamic Vinegar, but I couldn’t find a similar product. So I decided to go to Italy to look for it, and I found Acetaia Sereni, where you can visit the production process of Balsamic Vinegar up to the aging room, and where you can also stay overnight.

3:18 Pier Luigi Sereni: I’m Pier Luigi Sereni and I’m the owner and manager of this family business that we’ve been running for 3 generations.

3:34 Patrizia Bortoli: …working a lot with many foreigners and above all also Italians in this beautiful place which still offers many, many beautiful experiences.

3:48 Umberto Sereni: The appeal of “Acetaia Sereni Agriturismo” is this magical place nestled in the hills, which makes you detach from the daily routine of the city, therefore a place of peace where anyone can spend a day with the family or can live different experiences from the usual, despite being at most ten/twenty minutes from the city.

4:18 Pier Luigi Sereni: I am very proud to be among the main producers of Balsamic Vinegar, certainly among the very few who make Balsamic Vinegar from the grapes to the final product, my company has always been with a product made in the family way, traditional.

4:39 Elisabetta Sereni: It is clearly a pride to know that Acetaia Sereni produces and exports all over the world this famous product born from a family tradition, born from his family tradition (of Pier Luigi Sereni ed.), and I am certainly happy for this intuition had by Pier Luigi, who has transformed a family production into a business that is growing with great satisfaction.

5:09 Umberto Sereni: My vision for the future of Acetaia Sereni is a future that I hope will continue to improve, with a lot of tourism for Acetaia Sereni and for all of Emilia Romagna in general, and with many innovations within the company that can stimulate the curiosity of tourists.

5:29 Francesco Sereni: I am the sales manager of Acetaia Sereni, I deal with mainly foreign markets but also with sales on the Italian market.

5:45 Acetaia Sereni is specialised in aceto balsamico and makes a wide range of products. It is impossible to say which product is good or bad, but that “there is sure to be something to suit your tastes”.

5:59 Umberto Sereni: I feel satisfied with my work especially when I see people from all over the world, who leave this facility being happy, and therefore who have had a good experience within Acetaia Sereni.

6:16 Francesco Sereni: From the vineyards that you see behind me to the bottles that we have inside our shop, that we see, therefore the whole production process is under control and we obtain the highest quality without adding artificial ingredients but only natural ingredients; in addition we use high quality barrels, especially for the DOP we use only “Renzi” barrels, therefore we guarantee a quality aging for our products.

6:47 Renzi Francesco: I’m Renzi Francesco, cooper. I am from the Renzi family, which has continued to build wooden barrels for 12 generations. Our company was established in 1546 in the Brixen area, Bressanone, then with the wars it slowly descended to the Veneto region. So after the 1915-1918 war, the grandfather, a refugee, escaped from Castelfranco Veneto and came to Modena.

7:29 A product reflects the humanity of the people who make it. It is clear that Sereni products are sincere. Yes, all those things are in these products. We can see the difference more clearly when we compare the other food.

7:46 Elisabetta Sereni: My hope for the future is that Acetaia Sereni will become bigger and bigger, more and more known all over the world, that it will produce lots of vinegar for everyone, but at the same time that there can always be a family behind this company, the heart of a family, and which always manages, among all the products, to offer a product like the one we make now which is Traditional Balsamic Vinegar, which is what Pier Luigi’s grandmother used to make.

8:18 Pier Luigi Sereni: As I always say, Balsamic Vinegar of Modena somewhat follows the vicissitudes of the family, because a product that ages 12 years and more, even more than 25 years, must have a family that throughout this long aging fortunate is and above all cohesive and united.

8:45 Francesco Sereni: …A few kilometers from here, to allow those who work to work in peace, and also those who spend time and want to get to know the Balsamic Vinegar of Modena, to do it in complete tranquillity, in silence and in the peace of these vineyards.

9:06 We often took our students and their parents to Acetaia Sereni Agriturismo because we felt very comfortable with the hospitality. Every time we went to Sereni we bought aceto balsamico. It is difficult to go to Italy every year to buy aceto balsamico, so we asked them to sell their products in Japan. And they said, “Why don’t you sell it in Japan?” This is how it all started.

9:43 This is how they, as Acetaia Sereni Japan, convey the Sereni familyʼs wishes “Keep moving here and now”.

10:01 “Welcome to Acetaia Sereni Japan” 

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