Agrodolce Bianco Mediterraneo vince i Bellavita Awards!

With a great pleasure our new product presented just some weeks ago, Agrodolce Bianco Mediterranean – with mint and rosemary infusion, besides obtained 3 stars on 3 in “Bellavita Awards” of Chicago – Illinois, it has been selected as Best Food Italian product.

The evaluation was made by expert tasters (sommeliers, chefs, importers…), and they assessed its taste and perfumes fresh and aromatic, the simple and direct packaging, the company history, but most of all the innovation in the production process: in fact, this product, is obtained with a completely natural process, leaving mint and rosemary’s leaves infused in Vinegar, letting the product spontaneously extracts essential oils.

No other substances are added, in addition to grape must and vinegar, and this makes the product a total innovation in condiments market.

Agrodolce Bianco Mediterraneo lends itself to a very extensive use in kitchen, mostly on fish, vegetables, meats, marinated.


We are waiting for you to taste the product in our tasting room,

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