What is an Agriturismo (farmhouse) and why choose it as a destination for your stay?

It is the word itself, coined in the mid-sixties, which shows us the way to delve into what an Agriturismo is and the type of experience it can offer:

AGRI recalls the words agriculture and agricultural company; TOURISM indicates an activity, more often a journey, undertaken for the purpose of leisure, rest, culture, curiosity or well-being.


First of all, in order to be AGRI you need to be in a place where nature, work in the fields and craftsmanship reign supreme, a place where you earn your daily bread with agricultural work and the transformation of what is harvested from nature and the fields.

  •  From here a first consequence immediately follows: the Agriturismi are located in places far from the clamor of city traffic, in rural places, where you are surrounded by nature, little frequented by mass tourist flows. The smog of big cities is a distant memory, smells and perfumes are intense. Even the brightness is different, the darkness is deeper, thanks to less light pollution, which allows you to see the stars bigger and closer, whether you are on the plains, on the gentle Apennine hills or on Alpine peaks.

But it is not the wild nature of a forest that welcomes those arriving on an Agriturismo, it is a nature worked by the expert hand of man, the nature of a farm. Agriculture must remain the main area of activity of the host family, and the tourist reception activity must be only a pleasant side dish.

  •  Usually these are family farms, where an entire family carries out the business activity by deciding to host the tourist inside, to have the pleasure of sharing with him their experience, their passion and the product deriving from their own Work.
  •  Consequently, food and accommodation are offered within a farm, in areas reserved for tourists but sometimes also in the owners’ homes themselves, who share common spaces, such as the kitchen and sometimes the bathroom, with the guest.
  •  In addition to sharing space, agricultural work also provides the majority of the food that is offered to the tourist, the gastronomic products offered must be predominantly grown on the estate.


Why should a tourist want to stay on a farm? Let’s review the main purposes of moving a tourist mentioned above:

  •  Rest: what better place to rest than a place away from the noise of cars, quiet, surrounded by nature
  • Leisure: recharging your batteries in nature allows you to enjoy yourself, that is, disconnect from the daily grind, from everyday hassles, from thoughts dedicated to work, and often Agriturismi also offer activities in contact with animals, which bring the spirit back to concreteness and turn off reasoning
  • Culture: culture also means getting to know new places, with very ancient local traditions, and thanks to Agriturismo you often reach places rich in culture and history, and you personally get to know people who preserve customs and gastronomic traditions typical of the area. Knowing the very activity carried out by the owners of the Agriturismo means culture, such as at Sereni, where the culture of Balsamic Vinegar is known in depth and passionately.
  • Curiosity: traveling with curiosity also means wanting to follow less frequented, alternative tourist itineraries, and Agriturismi make this a lot easier, as they themselves already follow unusual itineraries, which open up new perspectives for those who want to get up every day, take the car and go to the discovery of what the territory offers him. In the Agriturismi there are certainly local people who can suggest what to do and what to see in the surrounding area, even if we were not 100% organised.
  • Wellbeing: healthy food, coming directly from the farm, or taken from local producers, at zero km, with respect for the raw material and artisanal workmanship, clean air, breathtaking views of the landscape and hills, rest, energy breakfasts, walks, chat with the owners, welcoming and passionate about their work, so much so that they want to share it with guests… if all this isn’t well-being!

 Here it is clear to us what an Agriturismo is, and why it is worth choosing it for a stay!

If you come to Acetaia Sereni, for example, you will be able to enjoy fantastic hilly landscapes, typical but refined cuisine, healthy, locally produced food, you will be able to become passionate and learn about the history, tradition and true flavor of Balsamic Vinegar of Modena.

And for your well-being, we have completely renovated the 5 rooms of our farmhouse, so you can enjoy your stay surrounded by a classic and elegant design, with very comfortable and high quality beds, with a panoramic view and a dip in the pool…

…and just a short distance away you can visit Modena, with its architectural beauties and its air of a town that has remained on a human scale, you can visit its excellences, the land of Motors, Parmigiano Reggiano, Pavarotti, the castles and palaces of Estense , the spiral staircase by the architect Jacopo Barozzi in the Vignola village…


…all because you chose an Agriturismo!

We are waiting for you! For your stay click here!